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Jiangxi Province Xinyu city Longxu ditch water environment improvement project
Brief introduction of case
Domestic county plant, network, river, lake integrated comprehensive governance benchmark

The management concept of "systematic water control, ecological water control, intelligent water control, scientific water control" provides excellent experience and mature model that can be replicated and promoted for comprehensive water environment management in Jiangxi Province, and strives to build a "beautiful China" Jiangxi model。
Case details

I. Project background

As a centralized drinking water source in Xinyu city, a national lake with good water quality, an industrial and agricultural irrigation water source, and a national 4A-level scenic spot, it is particularly important to ensure its good ecological service function。In recent years, the water environment of Fairy Lake fluctuates greatly, and the water quality deteriorates from time to time, which is mainly reflected in the serious excessive total phosphorus (TP)。

Fen Yi County Party Committee and county government have steadily promoted the comprehensive management of the water environment of Fairy Lake (Fen Yi area),We will protect the water environment of the river basin and eliminate the inferior V water bodies in the inflow river,As an important strategic deployment to promote the all-round development of the country,All relevant departments scientific organization and full cooperation,The original inferior V water body in Longxu Ditch has been basically eliminated,However, there is still a certain gap between the water quality and the surface class III water body。The smooth development of this project will further reduce the pollutants entering Fairy Lake from Longxu Ditch, alleviate the water pollution status of Fairy Lake, and effectively guarantee the water environment safety of Fairy Lake。

Second, governance concept

As the implementation and construction unit of the project, Guangzhou Resources and Environmental Protection adheres to the management concept of "systematic water control, ecological water control, intelligent water control, and scientific water control", and comprehensively improves the water environment of Longxigou through global planning, overall design, comprehensive management, and multiple measures。

Systematic water control is carried out through such measures as investigation and assessment of the ecological environment of the basin, treatment of pollution sources in the basin, restoration and protection of the basin ecology, and capacity building of environmental supervision,Implementation of sewage treatment plant, pipe network, river, lake and reservoir integrated comprehensive treatment model,Realize the interception and management of pollution,Initial rain storage, deep treatment of tail water of sewage plant,Ecological restoration,Intelligent operation and maintenance,We will establish governance mechanisms for upstream, downstream and coastal systems。

Ecological water control builds ecological background, uses old pits and ponds to create ecological wetlands and create diverse ecological wetlands, gives full play to the wetland's ability of regulating runoff, water purification, flood control and disaster reduction. Through the spatial control of shoreline wetlands and the layout of wetland restoration projects, the water quality along the Longxu Ditch is upgraded by steps to form an ecological barrier。

Smart water control through the construction of smart operation and maintenance center,Water quality monitoring of key control sections,Dynamic data feedback,Adjust operational strategy,Form an overall dynamic control mechanism,Achieve the goal of intelligent and fine management of water environment,Improve the ability of forecasting and warning, impact load capacity,Ensure the quality of regional water environment,We will raise the level of modernization of water treatment capacity。

Scientific water control must be problem-oriented, tailored to local conditions, targeted, and addressed both the symptoms and root causes。

Iii. Brief introduction of the project

The project will improve the water quality of the main river of Longxugou in Fenyi County. The project scope starts from the front road of Longxugou Station (corresponding pile No. K0+000) to the point where Longxugou enters the Fairy Lake (corresponding pile No. K6+000), with a total length of about 6.0km。The project content is mainly divided into: pipe network project, 1# ~ 5# wetland project, online monitoring project, supporting project four parts。

After the completion of the project, the effluent water quality standard meets the surface water Environmental Quality Standard (GB3838-2002) of the surface Class III water, and finally enters the Fairy Lake。The project gives full play to the protection function of the wetland to the water source, which is not only a barrier to control the pollution flowing into the Fairy Lake, but also a major measure to optimize the ecological environment, laying a solid foundation for improving the ecological environment around the county and building the beauty, ecology and civilization of the "especially pleasant place, Tiangeng Open City"。

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